Lynn Horine’s Baskets From the Heart

Without any formal training, Lynn Horine’s has managed to create quit a prolific collection of beautifully designed Appalachian styled baskets made from pine needles and gourds.

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  1. Sally Cutner says:

    Just came across Bluegrass & Backroads and the video, Lynn Horine’s Baskets from the Heart, was on and I am so inspired by your baskets. If I lived in your area I would ask you to teach me.


  2. Roberta Armstrong says:

    I love these gourds and would like to. Purchase some for my family and friends. I thought I had read somewhere that you could order from her website,but I am not having any luck. I would drive to Bedford, KY, if I thought I could meet Lynn and buy some of her art!!


    admin Reply:

    Please go to to learn more about Lynn’s great work.


  3. Lynn, What beautiful art in the baskets you create!! I am totally blown away by your creativity. Any chance that you teach this art to others????


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