Mom Blakeman’s Cream Pulled Candy

At the urging of Colonel Sanders, Mom Blakeman took a secret family recipe began her cream pulled candy business in Lancaster, Kentucky.

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  1. Connie Runkel says:

    Mom Blakeman’s Cream Pulled Candy.. . ..Oh, my gosh this candy is just like my Mom used to make. I’ve tried so many times and have never been successful. I found this accidentally while in Louisville for a family wedding. I don’t think I will ever attempt to make it again, but will order it from Mom Blakeman’s candy shop. My sisters and I are so excited to find this delicious candy!


  2. Carol Catlett says:

    I purchased an eight ounce tub of your pull candy from the Lady.s Colonel in Shelbyville. I had not purchased it for a while and I was very disapointed in it. It is not the same as I had remembered. I thought maybe my taste buds had changed, so I had my daughter taste it. She agreed with me. I use to buy this for her every year at Christmas. She loved it. When I gave her a piece, I did not tell her what it was. Her remarks were worse than mine. I had to throw it out. What a waste of my money.
    Very disapointed customer.


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