Dulcimer Maker Mark Eubank

Mark Eubank’s dulcimers not only play wonderful music, but are fantastic works of art!


  1. Dana McCall says:

    You did a great job telling about the dulcimer Mark. I really enjoyed the piece. Look forward to seeing you soon.


  2. Martha Williams says:


    Kay shared this video with me, and how I enjoyed hearing about your works of music and art! Keep building….keep sharing your talent!

    Kind regards,
    Valerie Williams Sanderson’s Mom


  3. Faye Couch says:

    Saw the program on the dulcimer and it was fantastic. Enjoyed the music and encourage you to keep building the beautiful instrument. Thanks Mark for sharing your talents.


  4. Roe Simonini says:

    I would like to know how to purchase one of your dulcimers. I saw ur video and liked the fact u give ur contact info as well. Email me please. Thanks. Roe


    admin Reply:

    Thanks for watching! Contact Mark at markestrings@yahoo.com


  5. I saw your show on Bluegrass & Backroads, I loved it, please tell me about it, price and so forth. Thank you in advance. Also I really liked your dog. Tony Pierce


    KYFB Reply:

    Please contact Mr. Eubanks via his website http://www.geocities.ws/leeann3013/eubank.html


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