Sweet Home Spun

Sweet Home Spun is a spinning and knitting studio on a working sheep farm on the Historic Low Dutch Meetinghouse.


  1. Donna Murdock says:

    I really enjoyed seeing this article. Have wanted to learn how to spin for some time. I have been knitting for some time but need help on some of the more difficult stitches and patterns. I am so glad that there is somewhere that is not too far away that I can go to learn how to do these things. Thanks so much for this segment. And to bluegrass and backroads, your program allow the average person to learn about their home state. Thank you


    Donna Murdock Reply:

    I really enjoyed this article about spinning and knitting.


  2. Debra Hodges says:

    I really enjoyed this piece. I would love to learn to learn to spin.


  3. admin says:

    Thanks for watching! We really enjoyed our time with them. They do provide classes if you are interested!


  4. JKM says:

    I really liked watching this, I am so happy that there are still people that carry on in the time honored ways and we don’t have to have EVERYTHING made by machine or come out of China. We surely have some talented people and high quality goods made right here in the US…Kentucky even!


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