Phoenix Creative Metal Art

When they moved to a small farm in Kentucky, Scott and Laura Kellersberger used the inspiration of nature to create a world of metal art.


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  1. Thomas Krugel says:

    Scot, Laura from what I can see you are both doing well on the farm. Keep up the good work maybe one day you will display your art at the New Paltz craft festival in NY. Tom


  2. Renee Rinzler says:

    I have been looking for you (Scott) for years now.i saw your horse on the the tripod that moves around side to side to side. The running horse.
    I want to buy it . It cam in 2 sizes and I want the large.
    Please get back to me with a number f you can
    Thank you so much . Can not believe I finally found you.
    I saw your work at Artique in Lexington


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