Fan Mail

A Very Special Thanks

KYFB : August 23, 2011 : Fan Mail

I wanted to tell you that everybody here loves the segment you did on our program. Summer Games especially is a very difficult event to capture in such a short time and you guys did an excellent job. Thank you so very much for your work on this.


Mark Buerger

Communications Director

Special Olympics Kentucky


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Happy Accident

KYFB : August 11, 2011 : Fan Mail

I accidentally came across your great show this evening and enjoyed the segment about the wood carver, what an honest man and what an artist.


Hank N.

Thorne Bay, Alaska

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Still Changing Lives

KYFB : August 8, 2011 : Fan Mail

Last Thursday I showed the PICNIC segment to the employees at our All Associates Meeting.
A few minutes after the meeting I received an email from an employee that he and his wife were interested in adopting and wanted a contact person at St joes so they could begin the adoption process!

A year later the video is still working and making a big impact on everyone who sees it.
Thank you again for all of your help.

John S.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Home Picnic Board Member

Radcliff, KY

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Thank You!

KYFB : July 18, 2011 : Fan Mail

I have become a fan of the show and would not miss it every Sunday night!  I have always been proud to be from Kentucky and enjoy watching the show and their spotlight of our WONDERFUL State and the WONDERFUL UNIQUE people who live in it!!!!!

Thank You So Much — Keep up the good work, can’t wait till next Sunday!

Karen B.

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Proud to say, “Kentucky is my home state”

KYFB : July 9, 2011 : Fan Mail

I just watched your show on RFD-TV. I then went to the website and reviewed the shows that have been made.

I want to tell you that my wife and I live in Chicago, Illinois (in the city itself) and I just can’t wait to come home to Kentucky.

Your show makes me proud to say, “Kentucky is my home state,”

Continued success and keep up the great work.

Dennis M.
Chicago, IL

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Louisville Youth Orchestra on Bluegrass and Backroads

KYFB : June 30, 2011 : Fan Mail

Thanks so much, Matt!  The segment really turned out great!!  Thanks to you and Bob and your staff for your excellent work.  We really appreciate you spotlighting our organization and our terrific kids!

Jason Seber

Music Director, Louisville Youth Orchestra

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I’ve Told My Friends

KYFB : April 26, 2011 : Fan Mail

I love this show, it is so interesting and you learn so much. I’ve told many of my freinds about it. Keep up the great work.

Nan L.

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I Tape It

KYFB : April 15, 2011 : Fan Mail

I LOVE THE SHOW. If I can’t watch it, I tape it. Keep it up.

Nicki S., Paducah, KY

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An Avid Fan

KYFB : April 12, 2011 : Fan Mail

Hello, I am an avid fan of Bluegrass & Backroads television show. I love the way you highlight the little businesses in our state.

Troy D., Benton, KY

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Feel Good Television

KYFB : April 11, 2011 : Fan Mail

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy Bluegrass and Backroads here in Louisville. Every Sunday morning I watch the CBS Sunday morning show followed by Bluegrass and Backroads. It is my favorite time of the week!

I love watching shows about our Kentucky culture and people who work hard to create great, local products. The subjects covered, like local milk producers, lets Kentuckians know that there are options for everyday goods that support our local economy and families. I have learned about Kentucky suppliers I didn’t know about before, and I make local choices because of it.

The hosts are fantastic. After living away from Louisville for several years as a military wife, it is great to come home to friendly faces on feel-good television.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Jane F., Louisville, KY

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