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An Avid Fan

KYFB : April 12, 2011 : Fan Mail

Hello, I am an avid fan of Bluegrass & Backroads television show. I love the way you highlight the little businesses in our state.

Troy D., Benton, KY

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Feel Good Television

KYFB : April 11, 2011 : Fan Mail

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy Bluegrass and Backroads here in Louisville. Every Sunday morning I watch the CBS Sunday morning show followed by Bluegrass and Backroads. It is my favorite time of the week!

I love watching shows about our Kentucky culture and people who work hard to create great, local products. The subjects covered, like local milk producers, lets Kentuckians know that there are options for everyday goods that support our local economy and families. I have learned about Kentucky suppliers I didn’t know about before, and I make local choices because of it.

The hosts are fantastic. After living away from Louisville for several years as a military wife, it is great to come home to friendly faces on feel-good television.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Jane F., Louisville, KY


A Diverse Kentucky

KYFB : April 4, 2011 : Fan Mail

Born and raised in Kentucky, I really enjoy watching your show. Thanks for a job well done. I didn’t know we were so diverse.

Thanks and God Bless,

Phillip J., Georgia

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Very Educational

KYFB : February 25, 2011 : Fan Mail

I enjoy your programs very much. They are very educational. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Douglas K., Kentucky

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KYFB : February 16, 2011 : Fan Mail

Hello Bob and Matt! We just heard about the airing of your segment on The Center for Courageous Kids. A lady in Ohio called to say how great it was! We’ve passed the link around the entire office this morning! Thanks so much for this wonderful video and for taking such care in showcasing our mission and heart for the medically fragile children we serve.

Stormi M., Scottsville, KY

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KYFB : February 14, 2011 : Fan Mail

I caught the tail end of the segment on the alpaca farm and was interested in more information. I am an avid crocheter and a confirmed yarn-aholic. I greatly enjoyed the other segments – especially about the one-room school that was restored, and Trunnells Farm Market in Owensboro.

Roxanna S.

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Even in Jersey

KYFB : February 10, 2011 : Fan Mail

Even here in New Jersey, we love your show.

Robert S., New Jersey

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Show Stands Strong

KYFB : February 8, 2011 : Fan Mail

I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed watching Bluegrass & Backroads. I am from Seattle, but the content from this show stands strong here as well. Please keep up the good work with your television team that is producing this wonderful show about the Kentucky Farmer and about the folks in Kentucky. I plan to try and get to Kentucky in the near future.

Louis P., Seattle, WA

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A Show Well Done!

KYFB : February 8, 2011 : Fan Mail

I saw Bluegrass and Back Roads Sunday morning on KET. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your program. I found the show to be very interesting, informative and entertaining. I hope you will continue with many more programs, Kentucky has such a rich heritage and has so much to offer. Congratulations on a show well done!!

Charlotte A., Louisville, KY

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Like I Am There

KYFB : January 13, 2011 : Fan Mail

Hello, and thanks for your wonderful show. I watch it every week. I am a native-born Kentuckian who spent the first half of his life in Indiana and the second half in the great Northwest. I try to visit my family in Indiana and Kentucky as often as I can, but when I can’t, your show makes me feel like I am there.

Chris W., Chiloquin, OR

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